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+387 (0) 57 32 14 55 Vuka Karadžića 250, 71123 Istočno Novo Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina
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Restaurant and pond Toplik

About Us

Restaurant ambient

In harmony with nature

We offer you a pleasant ambience and specialties of traditional cuisine. The pond is of small capacity, but it represents all phases of the production process, from the production of juveniles to consumer fish. Three species of trout can be found in the pond as well as on the table: California trout (Salma gairdneri), brook trout (Salvenilus fontinalis) and our brook trout (Salma trutta).

A tradition that has lasted since 1997

Jovančić family

The small hut with four tables has turned into an eminent restaurant with a capacity of over 120 seats, a top offer and numerous and helpful staff. In the construction of the pond, restaurant and the overall image that ``Toplik`` has today, participated all members of the Jovancic family, our friend and excellent architect Ivana Stanisavljevic Savic, then our dear friends, and above all guests who with their ideas and support weaved a lot of love in this place. That is exactly his magic.

Organizing private celebrations

VIP Guest Lounge

The warm ambience, comfort and pleasant atmosphere are still present as an indispensable element that completes the complete picture of our restaurant. What Vip salon offers, in addition to the increased capacity of guests with 50 new seats, is the possibility of organizing private celebrations, ceremonial and cultural receptions. In step with the times, all this is possible with modern equipment for audio and video presentations, with which we have raised our offer one step higher.

From juvenile production to consumer fish.

Pond and fish farm

A large part of the total offer is from our own production. Our goal was to offer what we forget more and more in the time of fast life - healthy home-made food and a homely and warm ambience, and that is what this country has always been proud of.

Seasonal vegetables & seasonal salads

Vegetables are from our own production

Eating fruits and vegetables at a time when they are really ripening is sometimes a challenge for me.