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The story about "Toplik" began in 1997, when we initiated construction of the fish pond.

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EAST SARAJEVO, Family businesses in the Republic of Serbian generally have no tradition of management, most imminent transfer of ownership from generation to generation, we have a shortage of professional managers, and the tradition and legacy of socialist self-management system makes it more challenging for owners and managers of family-owned companies, the conclusion of the fourth round table “Family businesses – a pillar of economic development of the Republic of Serbian”, held in East Sarajevo.
However, most family firms committed to long-term development, and more than half of owners and managers of family businesses in the Republic of Serbian (55.1 percent) are planning to grow, while 22.4 percent try to survive and continue with the operation, while 14 , 3 percent of companies planning to consolidate.

The development plan of the family company is an important document for every company, but owners and other family members who are employed in the family business should be equally serious to the formal organization of roles and tasks of each member of the family who works in the company. It is necessary for the owner to adopt a strategy of inheritance as well as plans to prepare the company in stages and successors to take the next stage of the business in which the company independently lead the next generation. Shareholders should be aware that only the appropriate support specialist, education and counseling can ease of preparation and a great challenge for every family business turn into opportunities for improving family business

said the Centre for Education “Pro Educa” Banja Luka.

The second-generation owner managed only a fourth of family businesses in the Republic of Serbian, which in most cases means that the management and decision-making have already downloaded the heirs or begin the process of generational transition.

Currently in the job see my son who is 23 years old, is studying hotel management and tourism and expressed his wish to continue to deal with the family business, and it is not excluded that and daughters. I think this project is great because I am aware that most of the owners of family businesses, including me, ignores the challenges that lie ahead, we believe that no one can operate and run the business as we do, and insight into what lies ahead is for each one. We should not remain only in theory, but all owners and managers of family businesses with the support of competent professionals need to commit themselves to addressing the challenges faced by family firms

says Zorica Jovančić, owner of a family restaurant and ponds “TOPLIK” from East Sarajevo.

Round tables with businessmen so far been held in Banja Luka, Bijeljina and Prijedor.

The second business forum on family companies in the Republic of Serbian “Family businesses – a pillar of economic development of the Republic of Serbian” will be held on May 27, 2015 in Banja Luka, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Serbian and with the support of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Serbian.

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