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The story about ``Toplik`` began in 1997 when we initiated construction of the fish pond. Everything started from the source of potable water, in the vicinity of the facility, whose quality deserves especial attention. This is high-quality water with an invariable quantity, quality and temperature throughout a year, which directly affects the fish quality.

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Homegrown seasonal salads & Homemade ``Ajvar``, roasted peppers, peppers in cream, ``Turšija``

'Toplik salad' with smoked trout
12,00 KM
Tagliatelle with smoked trout
12,00 KM
Smoked trout with homemade bread, goat cheese and truffles
10,00 KM
Miller's trout
15,00 KM

We are listed in the top 10 restaurants in Sarajevo.

In harmony with nature! We offer you amazing ambient & specialities of traditional kitchen.

What People Say

  • The natural ambient is fantastic as well the restaurant interior. Staff is very nice and friendly. Most of all beefsteak was magnificent.

    Podgorica, Montenegro

  • Natural surroundings, homemade food and pleasant atmosphere make this place ideal for leisure and relaxation.

    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina